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A local man who has lived in this neighbourhood for the majority of his life suddenly took a turn for the worst when his wife died. He became very depressed, delusional and often couldn't even believe his existence. An ambulance outside his house and trips to the hospital were no things out of the ordinary for him.

You play as a man who wakes up in the back of an ambulance with terrible injuries to his head and spine, after the ambulance went head first into a building due to the driver losing control of the vehicle. You are unable to remember much about what happened or much about your past at all really, until you start exploring and picking up clues!!

Developer Website: https://arronburch.co.uk


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Really wasn't that hard to figure out the ending. I felt this could have been optimized better and fleshed out a little more while toning things down a bit, for e.g; the landscape surrounding the area felt really pointless as upon starting you just know there is absolutely nothing out there (or at least you assume that, and never bother to check) so really the landscape just uses up memory that could have been spent on other models, such as walls, gates, fences, etc. Just some advice. I understand this may have been thrown together as practice, but I think you would do well to heed my advice next time around. Also, the walking speed was way too fast. It made navigating the tight corners of the house kinda frustrating. It's best to have a slow walk speed with a quick sprint to compensate for wide open areas. Good luck and I hope this helps!  

Pretty neat.

There was an issue: I can't play it, cause it won't respond. Although, it looks like a pretty good game. :3

Pretty cool game. Short, to the point, not complicated. Perfect for a short Quickie.

I gotta say that I sort of figured out the ending the literal SECOND the game started, so that was a little bit of a bummer. Just a little obvious. But apart from that, it played well and was interesting. Thanks and I hope you continue making stuff!

Check out Lumps Plays^^^. My commentary is silent, but with pop-ups!

short and sweet! this game began and ended with a revelation! hopefully this gets an update and is expanded upon...lots of interesting ideas, I especially liked that it highlighted your goals -- super helpful. thanks for watching and stay AWESOME!

I done a game Review on this i hope you enjoy it

Thank you for the review! I agree what you said about the game being too short and not having many interactions, I wish I had more time to amend this but due to deadlines I had to upload it as it is! I am currently working on other projects, so this is on hold for now, but I may revisit it in the future with new ideas and hopefully more development skills so I can improve things like performance and design! But thank you for spending your time making a review, as you said in the video, a positive review or negative with supported reasons are really useful in order to get an idea of what the players want!

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I was not saying that the game was bad i was just saying if you wanted to update the game i was giving ideas that you could do so please don't take it as i hated the game i did like it and thank you for watching the video and i don't doubt you will make a better game in the future.

No I completely understand what you said! I appreciate the feedback and support!

Thank you guys for an amazing experience :D I appreciate it, I also had fun with this one, I didnt expect it, but I had a rad time, idk if you guys are doing anything else with it, but if you did that'll be awesome but if its set in stone that fine too I loved the art style and the EPIC secret you end up finding out in the end :D amazing job!

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the short experience, I never expected to get this many people leaving feedback and it's amazing! Thank you for taking your time to make the video as well as seeing your reactions is brilliant!

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This was nice i will be doing a review on it saterday so be ready for that but here is the gameplay video i made for now. I hope you enjoy

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I covered your game on my channel! I liked it a lot. Do have some criticism.

EDIT: My criticism more so goes for if you want to remake this or if you want to do a sequel. I understand that this is a quick little thing you made. :D

-The voice acting needs to be louder

-You don't really need the particle effects. Instead use Level design to make it easier to navigate the space.

-When the lights in the house go off, use the colors blue, dark grey, and purple to give the illusion of darkness. That way I don't get horribly lost.

Otherwise I think this is really cool. If you make any new games, I'd love to cover it on my channel.

Here is the video if you want to watch the rest of what I have to say:

Thank you so much for taking the time to review my game! Honestly I can't believe the feedback I'm getting from this it's amazing, I understand there are going to be critiques and that's completely fine! I agree with what you said 100% although there are a few things I'd like to make obvious, everything in this project is completely original hence the not so great sounds/voice acting, as for this project we were not allowed to use any third party assets! Also the particle effects are there to indicate a clear path through the interactions for marking purposes 😊 I agree they don't need to be there if level design was more thought out! I hate to make excuses so I hope it doesn't come across that way! I just wanted to explain the reason behind the not so brilliant things! I do want to say thank you though as I understand the time that does into creating these videos and I hope that you follow my progress as a fellow developer!

I really enjoyed this a lot! It's good for a start and yeah there might of been frame rate issues, BUT it is to be expected! In the end still quite enjoyable!

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

I played through the game and made a video. I would have liked more interactivity and items to find. And also the frame-rate was... far from ideal (on a GTX 970).

Hi there! Thank you for playing the game and putting the time in to make a video as well. I do apologize about the performance issues as this was my first ever 3D game so my modelling and optimization skills are less than perfect, I hope to improve this in the future! I am also running a GTX-970 so I can completely see where you are coming from! This game was also created as part of my university coursework and therefore has been uploaded in its current state (not quite finished) with the time constraints I had due to submission deadlines, but thank you so much for the review it is much appreciated and I hope to hear from you again with future (hopefully alot better) games I create!

- Arron

Freakin' deadlines. :) Gotta say though, no errors, no glitches, it's a stable game.

Haha I know right! Thanks mate!